Workplace Flexibility

Employees who have worked with the same employer for at least 12 months can request flexible working arrangements if they:
• are the parent, or have responsibility for the care, of a child who is school aged or younger
• are a carer (under the Carer Recognition Act 2010)
• have a disability (and are qualified for a disability support pension under the Social Security Act 1991)
• are 55 or older
• are experiencing family or domestic violence, or
• provide care or support to a member of their household or immediate family who requires care and support because of family or domestic violence.

Employers who receive a request must give a written response within 21 days saying whether the request is granted or refused. They can only refuse a request on reasonable business grounds. If a request is refused the written response must include the reasons for the refusal.

Reasonable business grounds can include:
• too costly
• other employees’ working arrangements can’t be changed to accommodate the request
• the request would result in a significant loss of productivity or have a significant negative impact on customer service.

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